On 16th May we went to Parma with my schoolmates, students of class 2E and some teachers: Mrs Attanasio, Mrs Argnani, Mrs Donati and Mrs Guerra. We travelled by coach.

In the morning we visited the Baptistery (it is an octagonal monument, built by Benedetto Antelami), the cathedral (it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and can be considered one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy), an ancient pharmacy, the church of Saint Mary of Steccata (an outstanding Renaissance church, one of the most splendid of the town, that was begun in 1521 in order to give shelter to a picture of the Madonna) and the Farnese Theatre .

We had lunch in the Ducal Park and we ate our packed lunches sitting on the grass and then we had an ice cream.

In the afternoon we went to Fontanellato, where we visited the castle.

At the end I liked best the optical room in Fontanellato castle and the Baptistery.

It was a very pleasant day: the weather was sunny and we had a good time.

Teatro Farnese 1